Podcasts are a great way to stay current in our field. They’re also an entertaining way to pass the time during a long commute. Having a nice mix of them queued up has helped me learn so much I never would have known existed. But, wading through the daunting variety available can be overwhelming.

So, I’d like to share the top web development podcasts that I’m listening to in 2018.


The List

Coding Blocks

iTunes / 1-2 times per month

A lively discussion between a trio of software engineers discussing software design. They’ve worked through books like Clean Code and Domain Driven Design and frequently discuss topics like design patterns and architecture. Listening to their show has helped me grow a great deal in object-oriented design.

The release schedule is a little lighter than the others on this list, but at around two hours per episode they more than makeup for it.


.NET Rocks!

iTunes / 2 times per week

I’m not a .NET programmer, so you might be surprised to hear that I’m always excited to see a new episode of .NET Rocks! show up in my podcast app. This is a very long-running show (currently over 1,500 episodes) which discusses web development from the perspective of two guys who’ve been around the block.

Operating from a more Microsoft/enterprise-oriented perspective then I’m used to seeing things, I’ve found their viewpoints have a lot to add to those of us who are used to working in start-up culture. Plus, it’s always nice to listen to seasoned professionals who’re genuinely excited about the technology they use to write software.


Zeal #Interestings Podcast

iTunes / Weekly

This short format podcast features a lively discussion of an article or blog post from the week. Much less intense than most of the other podcasts on this list, but still lots of fun.


Ruby Rogues

iTunes / Weekly

A panel discussion focused on my favorite language, Ruby, and its ecosystem. Lots of awesome open source projects and interviews make their way through here.


JavaScript Jabber

iTunes / Weekly

Very similar to Ruby Rogues, only focused on JavaScript. If you’re a web developer, chances are you’ll find something useful in this podcast.



iTunes / Weekly

This frontend focused podcast hits on a wide range of topics. Everything from HTML and CSS to cross-browser support. Topics like accessibility career development also get touched on here, which gives the show a nice variety.


Codepen Radio

iTunes / Weekly

I love Codepen, I think it’s a great way to share frontend code and creativity. This podcast features the team that runs Codepen who give you a bit of a behind the scenes perspective. They talk about everything from running the business to dealing with the technology involved.



iTunes / Weekly

This is a great fly-on-the-way show featuring four programmers in various stages of operating their own (very different) businesses.



What’s on Your Playlist?

I’d love to know your favorite podcasts related to web development. Please let me know in the comments below what else should be on this list.

As always, thanks for reading.